Monday, 17 September 2012

My Miracle Week - An endless supply of spoons. Why couldn't it last?

Arriving at our amazing wedding venue

This post is just to remind those with chronic illnesses that 'sometimes' miracles can and do happen.

Back in July I got married. I was so worried that the stress of everything would make me ill on the day and i'd have no energy. I had been planning the day for 2 year. Everything had to be perfect. I didn't make it easy on myself though. I'm pretty creative. I like to make things and love anything to do with arts and crafts so decided to make all stationary, flowers, centrepeices and decorate the cake myself! 

Bridesmaids Flower
 Made with artificial flowers so my bridesmaids could have as a keepsake

My first ever attempt of cake decorating

Table Centrepiece and Table Name Card
(Our wedding was Newcastle United Themed - Everything Black & White)

Somehow I was completely fine. I mean really really good!

I didn't  wake up in chronic pain like usual, I was just a bit stiff. As soon as my medication kicked in ( I took extra just to be safe) I was up and ready to go.

I went off and had my hair and make up done, whilst downing some champagne, and then back to my mothers to get the dress on. The wedding cars and my dad were already there when i got back. I was definitely running late. Due to get married in 15 minutes and I was still in my pyjarmas but still had time for a pint of wine (there were no wine glasses left - i didn't drink a pint) and quick smoke. The photographer has pictures to prove it. Classy, I know!

By this time my meds and wine had well kicked in and so had the nerves!!

During the service my legs ached a bit but nothing too bad. I didn't really notice any pain until it came to our wedding breakfast when I look at the time and realised I had no bag, no tablets on me and I had missed my afternoon pills by 3 hours!! 

Cue sickness!!!

During and after the wedding breakfast I was constantly throwing up, dizzy and weak. Complete withdrawal. My mother went and got my pills from the car, I quickly took a load (extra again) and had a lie down.

Half an hour later I was back up on my feet and enjoying my day with family and friends.

Wedding party in the courtyard of Durham Castle
I have to say, from then on I don't remember being in any pain at all! Maybe I was on a high with it being our 'Big Day' or maybe it was just the amount of alcohol and medication consumed. Whatever it was, it was amazing! 

I had the best day I could have ever imagined. (Except for the dodgy hour during the reception but I can erase that bit)

I was expecting to not be in the best of shape the next morning but again I was surprised by how good I actually felt. We spent the morning walking along the river in Durham. The sun was out. It was just perfect. I even had a pair of wedges on and I was walking fine!! 

Surely this couldn't last right?

Well it did!!! For a whole week!!!

We went away for a mini honeymoon to Portugal. We stayed on a gorgeous golf course with private villa which had a roof top terrace and hot tub. It was so nice to be away and although I missed my baby boy a lot, I really enjoyed the break. 

We done so much in our time there and I never really felt too bad except in the mornings but I suspect that was more to do with drinking too much. I had an endless supply of spoons! On the last day I even managed to go to the driving range, something I never thought i'd be able to do again. I really did pay for it the next day, well the following week actually but I suppose after a week of being basically pain free I couldn't have expected any less.

I have no idea how I felt so good that week with so much going on.  Maybe it was just the endorphin's kicking in and that being in the sun and spending time in the hot tub that made me feel that way. The stress of the wedding had gone and I was just enjoying myself.  I just wish I was like that all of the time. I actually felt 'normal' for the first time in ages.

I hope it happens again soon!

If only.............


  1. I am so glad that you managed to have a good wedding day and a good honeymoon as well. At least when you look back and remember your big day and the week of being on honeymoon it will be of a pain free, enjoyable time.
    Withdrawal pains are the absolute worst aren't they? I missed my Morphine by 2 hours once and was in so much pain I thought I was dying.
    Fingers crossed that pain free existence comes sooner rather than later!

  2. Sounds like an amazing day - so glad you were able to experience it without too much pain - congratulations!

  3. What a blessing! I am so glad you have had an amazing wedding and honeymoon. You look beautiful!